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1 Beer Tender/Dispenser
H. Koenig beer Dispenser bw1778 with refrigeration for all 5 l universal kegs, 65 W, black color + 10 Barrel of Heineken 5 Lts
Enjoy real snacks at home with friends or family thanks to the h.koenig beer dispenser bw1778
The beer shooter is compatible with the universal 5 l kegs
It maintains the perfect temperature between 3ºc and 6ºc so that you can prepare a beer at all times and it is fresh
Thanks to its great power of 65 w, you can pour the beer like in a bar while maintaining the gas and creating the delicious cream at the end
The beer handle has a waste container that you can easily empty and clean
Place the beer dispenser where you like it the most; It has a size of 26 x 34 x 40 cm (lph) and a modern and elegant design that you can combine in any room

+ 10 Barrels of Heineken 5 Lts Barrel
Each Heineken 5 Lts Barrel contains:
Lager type and style beer, with 5% alcohol by volume
Stands in horizontal tanks for 28 days to provide optimal pressure to yeast
Bright yellow in color with intense white foam (with a fruity aroma, with a slight sweet taste and mild bitterness)
Natural ingredients: water, barley malt, hops and Heineken’s signature type A yeast
Consume it between 3 ° and 6 ° C to obtain its optimal qualities


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